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Jun 14, 2024

Though it seems the worst is behind the people of Palisade, there is work yet to do. Work made harder by the realization that the work already done had higher costs than anticipated. But still, the members of the Cause do what they must to confront the remaining occupation forces, to bring each other back from the...

Jun 7, 2024

Having played their opening gambits, the leaders of Palisade now find they face unprecedented situations. At the center of it is the being calling itself Wakeful, an emerging gestalt consciousness comprised of (but irreducible to) the Divines freed from the Garden of Fidelity. As the guilty hide in its shadow, the Cause...

May 31, 2024

This episode carries content warnings for body horror and discussions of slavery.

Though the wheel yet spins in the Divine Principality, spinning is movement. And though one day we may return to the starting position, where it all gets driven around the axle again, until then movement may bring change, surprise, or...

May 25, 2024

This episode carries content warnings for death.

Another daring mission, another stunning success, and then, once again, the people Palisade breathe out all at once. But these exhalations aren't quite like the old ones. Some breathe deep, looking for solace but finding only solitude. Others breathe lound, so that the...

May 17, 2024

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of enslavement, torture, death, body horror and eye injuries.

Across Palisade, a question begins to weave itself through life. Across everyday kitchen conversations, war room arguments, and salon debates, people wonder what it might mean to be whole. If Delegates to...