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Jan 15, 2018

An entry from the journal of the former excerpt “To the prince, we offered twelve thousand flowers, Blooming in an untouched field,” leader of the Beloved Nights.

How did I get here? How did I find this home? Pain. Pain was my guide.

For the first half of the year each second was a dozen or more. I have buried my...

Jan 13, 2018

An excerpt from an address to the high council of the Qui Err Assembly by Annex Iota Pretense, reconstituted leader of her people..

I have heard the murmurs, and I have seen the images. They’re calling their bandits heroes. The bored rich like Joan-bee. Invaders like Templeton’s Faire. Soldiers like Echo Reverie.


Dec 15, 2017


Hey everyone, Austin here!

As those who watched along via YouTube earlier tonight can tell you, this episode of Live at the Table was something else

For those who couldn't make it, well: Jack, Dre, Andi, and I returned to Marielda to fill in a few of the blank spaces we love to keep around. We played Misspent...