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Dec 1, 2017

The Assemblage / Book: Of the Stellar Coriolis and the Resonant Orbit / Passage 004

Though Kamala had impressed Him, His admiration was not the same as His loyalty. She had won not an ally, but an opportunity to negotiate.

"You show that you understand what We are and what We might be. The former is necessary. The latter is peril." His voice carried no echo. "These, then, are my terms—" each word falling into place "— and if you wish My name beside yours, they will be the vital blood of your Faith, now and forever: When We die, you leave Us dust. For finality is the heart of all independence."

Some weeks later, in a letter to a friend, Kamala would consider dust. How the matter of a thing that has come to nought is so soft, is barely anything at all, is caught by the wind, is a thing of lightness, is beautiful carried in the light, is the heart of all independence. She would revisit this letter later in her life, and she would amend it.

She left the negotiation with Him and, confident the rest of Us would follow, turned her attention toward her fellow people, human and synthetic. The Custodial Thesis saw the shape that walked alongside her, witnessed something alike to an Allegiance, and they turned to face her and their colours were added to her banner.

The Convergence Proposition saw the union of Kamala and Independence as a strange and wondrous thing and as their negotiators and scholars tentatively discussed the exact state of affairs, the exact state of being, their embroiderers added their symbol beside Kamala’s.

At the top of their tower, the algorithm Weyerbach Null considered what was meant when a figure such as this joined a figure so distinctly That, and imagined what might come, and word rippled down the tower like the sound of the wings of birds and the followers of The Indefinite Oracle walked in step with the Proposition, and the Thesis, and Kamala, and Him.

The Divine Independence had taken an Excerpt. And her name was The Light Of Us Is ⸢Many⸣, And Yet Seen Across The Distance It Is As Though It Is One.

This week on Twilight Mirage: godspeed, glory Pt. 2

Roamin' around like I'm ready for a funeral


  1. Seminarrrrr notes
    1.  "There is no past in the fleet, only the assemblage"
      1. When first written ("not really written" again) "She would revisit this letter later in her life, and she would amend it" couldn't have possibly been in the assemblage since there was no "later in her life" yet.
      2. But no record of "changing" the assemblage either, it just changed at some point, was re-written without record. 
    2. Cadence is the first excerpt
      1. ??? what about Chital???
        1. jovian's pride lookin ass, fuckin bullet's divide lookin, fuckin headass history major. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CANDIDATE AND AN EXCERPT -t 
          1. chill, i swear to god
      2. unclear when "many," her excerpt name came from
      3. my excerpt name would be dope: "Acid on me like the rain, Weed crumbles into ⸢Glitter⸣"
        1. yeah but you be the excerpt of the divine LAZY tho -t
  2. Reading notes
    1. why only 3 of the five groups join?
    2. what's the dfifference between weyerbach and a divine?
    3. How did no one else do this before her? Not tryna say she isn't smart or whatever but it sounds like there's real a big difference between a robot who sees the future and people who think they ain't worth shit. how is one person and one divine supposed to bring them together?
    4. "When we die" not "if we die" 
  3. Additional Reading
    1. Banner and Thread: The Symbols and Shapes of the Early Divine Fleet - Falconry's Apple
    2. On Algorithmic Negotiations: Strategies for Debating and Outsmarting Sapient Machines - I. Klipsch-Dove 


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