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Nov 25, 2023


All of this is covered in the audio but I will also WRITE OUT EVERYTHING HERE~! 

There's a lot to go over so here's a big list:

NEW Twilight Mirage T-Shirt - designed by Conner Fawcett!

Reprint of the COUNTER/WEIGHT T-Shirt (including one new color!) - also designed by Conner Fawcett

Reprint of the Millenium Break Hoodie in two colors - all pull up, no zipper - designed by Annie Johnston-Glick

Palisade Cover Deskmat in two sizes - designed by aurahack

Millenium Break beanie in two colors - designed by Janine Hawkins

Cali-yumm sticker sheet - free with orders over $100 until 12/3, designed by Janine as well!

And with all of that, 25% of profits made until 12/3 will be donated to Doctors Without Boarders to support their work in Gaza and the many other humantarian crises they work with. Our hearts go out to all of the people effected by the current violence in Gaza and the surrounding areas and are thankful to our listeners for supporting us, in turn putting us in the position to support others in need.

We had to skip an episode this week for the holiday/associated illnesses BUT the mystery of Dust WILL CONCLUDE IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF PALISADE . . . .

Until then, thank you so much for your support and have a lovely weekend!!!