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Jan 11, 2024

Hello hello hello everyone!! Instead of a new episode of PALISADE, here is YOUR announcement that TOMORROW AT 8 PM ET we are going to be DEBUTING THE COUNTER/Weight PREQUEL OVER ON TWITCH.TV/FRIENDSATTHETABLE!!!!

Can't make it to the Twitch stream?? That's okay, it will also be released in the RSS feed!!!

The next few weeks will be THE CHIME'S FIRST MISSION instead of PALISADE! All of the episodes will be DEBUTING ON TWITCH AT THURSDAYS AT 8 PM AND IN YOUR RSS FEED AS WELL. 

Don't forget that Twilight Mirage rebroadcasts are still happening on Sundays at 4 PM ET!

And as a happy new year, our clapcast is free this month! Go check it out at! Happy New Year!!