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Mar 4, 2023

Hey everyone! Welcome to a uhmmm A BEEFY MP3!!! As a reward for our marathon live stream for the National Network of Abortion Funds, we said we'd record a podcast about William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996) and BOY DID WE! Enjoy approximately three hours and fourty five minutes of Austin, Ali, Art, Jack and Sylvi chatting about Forbidden Love! Kisses! Fashion! Pools!!! 

BUT BEFORE THAT, we have some announcements to make about our show and our patreon. 



Second, IF YOU'RE READING THIS (THANKS) ON MARCH 4TH OR 5TH, go check out, support Trans Lifeline and hang out while they stream some great tabletop games!!!   

Third, we're finally making some adjustments to our patreon! We talk about it (AT LENGTH) in this episode, but here's all the changes laid out: 

$1 - Clapcast. The Clapcast remains unchanged and will continue to be a monthly 20 to 30 minute collection of outtakes and interstitials from various cast recordings. Banter! Jokes! Laughs!

$5 - Bluff City or equivalent produced and soundtracked actual play episode once a month. Rather than using this tier to promise more content than we can create, we're using it to focus on the best thing we make: Bluff City or a similar mini-campaign.
You might be thinking "But I love Bluff City! What other thing are they going to put here...??" Well, after Bluff City season 2 we're planning on doing a short campaign of Realis, a tabletop system designed by Jack de Quidt and Austin Walker. We will DEFINITELY be returning for a third season of Bluff City, but we're giving this tier a little wiggle room so if we hit any road bumps with creating Bluff City, the feed will still remain consistent month to month with a bonus episode of something very cool and polished.

$15 - Live at the Table sponsor + Developers ""Blog"". Instead of being apart of the $5 tier, Live at the Table is becoming a free semi-monthly Twitch stream and it is the patrons at this tier that make it possible. We’ll show our appreciation by putting their names on a crawl for our Live at the Table streams and for our Twitch episode rebroadcasts (Bluff City Season 01, rebroadcasting on our twitch SOON!) 

This tier will also give you access to a new (currently unnamed) podcast, a monthly developers blog/behind the scenes conversation with a few cast members about whatever we've been working on! The show will be a combination of the best of our Pusher content, the vibe of the Drawing Map streams, and our deeper Tips at the Table conversations. Rather than lock these sorts of conversations at the $50 tier OR try to share behind the scenes content across a bunch of different types of rewards, we'll have one episode a month that is more focused, more constinent, and more relevant to our current output.

$25 - Physical Rewards! Postcards! This is staying the same, our postcard catchup is happening this month and then full steam ahead on some great stuff already in production. Amazing artists, in-universe short fiction, these are amazing artifacts from our cool show.

Postcard fulfillments are continuing monthly and will remain monthly!! If you join on this tier in March, you will receive the first Palisade card in April! You will receive an email about fulfillment in the third week of April!! 

If you were supported this tier in Feburary and were charged on March 1st, you WILL get an email in the third week of March about fulfillment for your card (a very cool 6x4 version of our Palisade cover!)

If you've been supporting this tier in the past 18 months and have been like uhhhhh, what's going on,,, you should have received an email update about this last week! If you did not, PLEASE email and we'll get it sorted!!

$50 - Credits in our show notes. Wow, what a generous monthly donation. At this level we will put your name in the show credits in the episode description of every main feed episode. You’re making everything we do possible and we want to say thanks.

$100 - Signed Bookplates and TTRPG book. This tier remains unchanged. After six months and once a year after we will send you a game book of your choice with a signed bookplate affixed inside. These are cool and extremely rare!