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Jul 1, 2022


This upcoming weekend, July 3rd and July 4th, Friends at the Table will be doing a LIVE STREAM MARATHON FUNDRAISER for the National Network of Abortion Funds!!

We'll be hosting the stream over at

JOIN US 12 - 8 PM ET JULY 3RD AND JULY 4TH! Watch us play some videogames! Listen to us play some ttrpgs!!! Enjoy us not playing games at all for a bit of it!!! We might do a Marielda one shot . . . . ? It'll be fun! Tell your friends!!



The Scamps Are About

The unusually mild spring of 1891 saw an unusual craze sweep the length of the Bluff City boardwalks, when the organ grinders found themselves targeted by the city’s children in an outbreak of particularly nefarious behavior. The children, moving in loosely organized packs, would fall upon one organ grinder after another. Some would find the cans that contained their tunes removed and dropped off the pier. Others would turn their organs’ handles and salt water would pour, improbably, from the pipes. 

The organ grinders, by and large, were not much older than their assailants, and as mild spring turned into cold summer, unusual battle lines were drawn among Bluff City’s children. Elliot Callahan, discussing this song the following year, wrote: “I know not which young band of voices would raise these verses. Whether the beleaguered grinders - or, in parody, the roustabouts themselves - it matters not.” 


The scamps are about! On the beaches and the boardwalks!

The scamps are about! Send the word along the line! 

From the bait shop on pacific, in a mob that’s quite terrific,

Wearing grins that are horrific and demeanors so malign! 


The scamps are about! Pouring southward, ever southward, 

And they’re carrying those sacks they use to make their wicked play!

See the organ grinders panic, hear their melodies grow frantic,

As the antics of the scamps intensify along their way!


The scamps are about! Is there anyone to stop them?

Is there any lion-hearted soul to step into the fray?

If there’s someone strong of spirit then I’d really like to hear it,

Since the beer they poured inside my organ’s getting in the way. 


Featuring: Austin Walker, Art Martinez-Tebbel, Jack de Quidt, Janine Hawkins and Keith J Carberry  

Music & Description by Jack de Quidt  

Mall Kids is available at