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Aug 21, 2020

A month ago, Millennium Break seized control of Cruciat, ushering in a new age on the holy moon of Partizan. But like a counterpunch already chambered, the great Stels of the Divine Principality hit back with force and speed, driving minor Millennium Break bases into the dirt. Today, along with Cruciat, the only two strongholds left to the revolutionary group are the Lambic House and a trio of cities along the eastern edge of the Prophet’s Path. Millennium Break must hold this ground, at all costs.

And that is why, though they were one of the founders of the group, and its first executive elected, Valence’s request for support in finding the parts of the Exemplar was denied. Even now, with actionable intel from their contact in Columnar, SBBR was being told that they’d need to go it alone. 

And with the memory of Gur Sevraq fresh in their minds, they saw no other option...

This week on PARTIZAN: Buried Beneath Golden Leaves

///Operation Dossier\\\


The Knights of Order: Order towers over the world in both physicality and presence. Though it rests, without Elect, its blessed Hallows enact its will and search for one worthy to pilot it.


Jesset City (he/him): Previously worked for Adamant Arms and Manufacturing, Jesset became full time Oxblood Clan lieutenant and then a major figure in Millennium Break. Expert technician, veteran hollow pilot, and Cipher Certified by Stel Nideo. Utilizes prostheses on his right arm, switching between an affordable myoelectric model with grip hooks and a custom model specifically designed for interfacing with a hollow cockpit. SBBR’s CO for this mission.

Gucci Garantine (she/her): AKA Saint Dawn. Defector from Stel Kesh, controller of House Brightline and HORIZON’s efforts on Partizan. Now a powerful member of Millennium Break’s political class..

Crysanth Kesh (she/her): Third in line to the throne of Kesh. As Gabardine of the Curtain of Divinity, Crysanth is the highest ranking member of the Curtain on Partizan. 

Brother Alard Cadmus: Knights of Order leader. Gruff, old, and determined, but understands Order better than any. Believes Order must be tamed  .


Oxbridge: Most bridges connect land to land, but the enormous Bridge of the Ox connects ocean ports to the docks of largest freshwater lake on the moon. Under the bridge rests Oxbridge, a dense city of canals and crimson light, and the first large scale Principality settlement to come to the moon, nearly 1000 years ago.

Oxbridge is split into three regions: Brightsky West, Underbridge, and Brightsky East. To the East and West, merchants, nobles, and the ever-upwardly mobile live, work, shop and play. But below the bridge’s shadow is an undercity of laborers both local and transient, eking by from job to job, day to day, by the fuel of their effort and the light of the red, phosphorescent “lamps” that give Underbridge its distinct glow, even in daytime. 

Connecting it all together are a network of waterways, roads, and secret tunnels.  And above it all is the Bridge of the Ox, the symbol of Orion’s commitment to (and mastery of) brute-force ideology.

Deep Dish Steak House: A loyal bar.

The Verglaz Taiga: Wrapped around the northern latitudes of Partizan, the Verglaz is a beauty to take in, at least from the comfort of the palatial Kesh estates which dot its wooded expanses. Soon after Millennium Break’s capture of Cruciat, Kesh deployed what it and its allies in Nideo are calling a miracle that echoes those done by Logos Kantel one thousand years ago: the melting of the snows, and the emergence of a new, jungle biome, emerging from the rocky plains, snowy hills, and dense forests that were already in kesh territory.

Nooncrown: A holy cemetery located in the Estatelands of Kesh, where many elects, Princepts, Eidolons, and other heroes from across the principality are buried and watched over by the Divine Order and its cult.

Goldtown: An ad hoc village made that surrounds the southern half of Nooncrown, made up of Cruciat’s exiled bourgeois class. 


Order: A massive and slumbering Divine, part monument, part knight. Abhors chaos. Seeks an elect.


Memoria: A rare precious material with a high, natural storage capacity. 

Clarified Memoria: The Sable Court has developed a process by which they “reveal” the truth of Memoria gems, which allows the already potent material to conjure and confer the miraculous.

The Eyes of the Exemplar: Special memoria that seem to be naturally clarified. Recovered from the now-abandoned Equiaxed Commune underneath Vigil City.

Zenith-K Project Pinnacle: Humanoid knight-mechs, similar in many ways to the Zenith-A Project Kosmos units that were designed for Apostolos, though without the distinctive curves, rear-jointed legs, and Apostolosian style. Have spears bolted to their right underarms and close range blades under their left. The spears are able to be as a projectile with a coiled cable, allowing for the spatial manipulation of enemy hollows. 

//Additional Notes\\

Primary Objective: Prevent Kesh from retrieving the shipment of clarified memoria also known as “The Eyes of the Exemplar.”

Secondary Objective: Successfully retrieve the Eyes of the Exemplar for Millennium Break.

Rules of Engagement: Hurt none of the funeral’s attendees. Do not wake Order, whatever you do.

Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker)

Featuring Janine Hawkins (@bleatingheart), Art Martinez-Tebbel (@atebbel), and Andrew Lee Swan (@swandre3000)

Produced by Ali Acampora (@ali_west) and Austin Walker

Music by Jack de Quidt (available on bandcamp)

Text by Austin Walker

Cover Art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)