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Apr 6, 2023

This episode carries content warnings for coercion, mind reading, discussion of blood, and uncanny bodily manipulation.

With one mission behind them and a new one approaching quickly, the crew of the Blue Channel finds time to relax in the most unlikely of places. But, as the colorful clouds gathering above remind us,...

Mar 30, 2023

This episode carries content warnings for the discussion of blood and uncanny bodily manipulation.

Having placed the confusion of the Fundament Node behind them, the crew of the Blue Channel begin a slow tour across the few friendly ports in Palisade, refueling, resupplying, and escorting the displaced Twill into new,...

Mar 24, 2023

This episode carries content warnings for death.

The sun rises on Palisade and the work week begins. Delegates move quick and quiet through the back halls of Kesh palaces while their lords plot and scheme. Nidean settlers pray to their Divines and then take up their shovels to do the work of civil expansion. The most...

Mar 17, 2023

This episode carries content warnings for body horror, descriptions of violence and injury, gun violence, death, and blood.

It is said that in the lowest depths of Diadem, deep below the surface of Palisade itself,  there exists a network so ancient and so important that the people who named it were right to call it the...

Mar 10, 2023

This episode carries content warnings for ecological disaster, bodily transformation, and death.

5,000 years ago, the Divine Principality sprouted, and immediately began to grow in size and power. Founded on the world of Palisade, at the edge of the Twilight Mirage, the Principality spread across the stars and leaving...