Friends at the Table

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July 14, 2016

Fero Feritas comes from the Halfling farms inland of the south western coast of the continent. Running from the bitterness of barely remembered nostalgia for the old ways, whatever those were, Fero cloaks himself in new wilderness of his land, wandering and learning. Walking in shadow and step with the beasts of the woods and mountains for so long Fero hardly noticed when he became one himself. This new world may look like the old one, but Fero will not go back. He bears this new wilderness upon him.

The Great Fantasmo, the elfish wizard will have a bio soon.

Hadrian, Sword of Samothes, Defender of the Undying Fire, Officer of the Order of Eternal Princes, the human paladin will have a bio soon.

Hella Varal is a human fighter from the magicless island of Ordena, the land spared from the Erasure, or so they say. She grew up with simple means but her role as a hired hand and conveyor lead her to gain respect and the attention of the government of Ordena, the reason for her frequent visits to Velas. Armed with a beautiful, mysterious sword, a lack of patience, and wariness of her people, Hella is a useful but unpredictable companion.

Lem King is an orc bard, born and raised in The New Archives, a vast orc city carved into the side of a mountain. The archivists, and Lem, prize collection and categorization of histories and objects and whistled songs; the Archives resemble a warehouse or museum more than a city. Recent events, however, have led Lem to flee the archives, clutching an old violin, and he's arrived in Velas looking for adventure and excitement and (perhaps) somewhere to hide.

Throndir, the Elfish Ranger, hails from the secluded settlement of Auniq deep within the Mark of Erasure. After seeing something he was never meant to, Throndir fled the only home he had ever known and began to rebuild his life in Velas. Alongside his loyal dog, Kodiak, Throndir’s sharpened survival skills has earned him a spot on the team, but his naïve nature and clouded past leave more questions than answers about what’s in it for him.

Aria Joie is a pop idol turned smuggler who started her career on The People's JoyPark Planet Presented by EarthHome Entertainment, a planet-wide amusement park dedicated to the memory of Earth and the celebration of OriCon. After years of performing propaganda with her rigger back up dancer, The Regent's Brilliance, Aria set her sights beyond JoyPark and started touring across the Golden Branch. Seeing more of galaxy lead to a different understanding of it, leading to a shift in music style then a loss of corporate backing and the need for a new way to make ends meet. Aria still performs but doesn't quite fill stadiums anymore, and that's fine--her charm and Brilliance's might are better off serving The Chime.
[MechNoir Character Sheet | The Sprawl Character Sheet]

AuDy (short for Automated Dynamics) is a sentient robot originally programmed to land and park vehicles in parking garages designed to hold thousands. AuDy doesn't know or understand how they gained sentience but as soon as it happened, they left their job as a valet and their link to any network behind for good. AuDy now pilots The Kingdom Come which might seem similar to being a valet but it's amazing what a difference feeling the engine's resistance as you grip the controls with your own triple-jointed pressure sensors makes. [MechNoir Character Sheet | The Sprawl Character Sheet]

Cassander Timaeus Berenice is the second child born to the ruling house of Apostolos. If not for The Golden War, Cassander would likely have lived their life as a minor noble functionary free from both want and expectation. A grievous injury to their sibling, Zenobia, thrust Cassander in to the spotlight as the new heir apparent and then Zenobia’s miraculous recovery at the end of the war saw Cass banished from Apostolian space. Settling on Counterweight Cass didn’t find a lot of work for disgraced royal dignitaries so they learned how to pilot a Rigger and started working with The Chime. Cass longs to return to the noble life but deep down they know that they aren’t suited for it anymore their time on the fringes of polite society have left them too rough, too direct, with a temper too short, to ever go back home. [MechNoir Character Sheet | The Sprawl Character Sheet]

Mako Trig... The September academy takes only the best, most dedicated students into their ranks. Mako Trig is not one of them, not anymore. Stolen from their families at birth, September students know little of the world beyond the Wall. But Mako learned fast. How to lie, how to steal, how to shoot. Hopefully, how to survive. [MechNoir Character Sheet | The Sprawl Character Sheet]