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January 1, 2017

Friends at the Table is currently playing Dungeon World

For all episodes titled "[Seasons, Winter, etc] of Hieron," we'll be playing Dungeon World. This is the game we started with, our main campaign, and a system you'll hear us return to throughout Friends at the Table.

For our first holiday special, we play a combination of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and Dungeon World. Consulting Detective is a game typically played using a map of London and and a provided list of locations, but we customized it for our needs. Our first season of Seasons of Hieron also used The Sundered Land to create a myth about one of our setting's Gods in Seasons of Hieron 20: Do I Feel Followed?

The majority of what you'll hear in season 2 of Friends at the Table, COUNTER/Weight, is the character players playing The Sprawl, a Powered-by-the-Apocalypse game for cyberpunk settings. What you'll hear referred to as the season 2 metagame is a combination of Microscope and Stars Without Number. In COUNTER/Weight episodes 1-10 the ground game players play MechNoir before switching to The Spawl. In our holiday special (C/W 19-21), we play Kingdom and in COUNTER/Weight 27 "An Animal Out of Context," Jack and Austin play The Tower, a game they're still in the process of developing. In COUNTER/Weight's Finale, "A Splintered Branch, A Ringing Bell," we play Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands, developed by Vincent Baker

For our Marielda interlude, we started by building the city with The Quiet Year and staged daring heists in it with Blades in the Dark.

In season 3, Winter in Hieron, our holiday special featured Follows by Ben Robbins.

Below is the list of all games that have been featured on Friends at the Table so far, click for more information on each.