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Winter in Hieron 19: Make The Spring Last Forever

April 14, 2017


It took two months, but I’ve finally convinced Tel and Havelton to see things my way.

For weeks, the old man spent the day attending to his dandelions, and dismissing me whenever I ran new apparitive patterns by him. He’d shake his head, cough out a grumble, and rattle on about some absurd, missing component: A “tower of tomorrow’s light.” The “speaking sands of Rosemerrow.” A new archive of “broken, whole mirrors.” A “stolen fiddle in its home.”

But I did it. He asked me for a lukewarm sun, and I’ve given it to him. In their whispers, they still speak against our pursuit, but they can not deny my results any longer.

Havelton packs for travel now. The path is clear. The Original Pattern is within reach.

This week on Friends at the Table: Make The Spring Last Forever


I did not open the restriction on your so-called “apparitive patterns” that you could complain about the complexity of the semiotics you pursued. In future letters to me, do not waste time on such matters unless the pattern explicitly calls for it.

And Kurr? There are patterns that even an amateur can detect. When he sleeps, destroy the wind blossoms.

Collector-Curator Kall Fer


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