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Oct 20, 2017

Two weeks ago, the living planet of Quire used the instantaneous streaming device built into Gig Kep-hart to send a broadcast to everyone in of the Mirage. It’s contents? The arrival of the divine Independence*, and the personal alienation, civil strife, and cultural annihilation that followed in its wake.

Oct 13, 2017

In the colored shadows of Sculpture City, the Divine Fleet’s reconnaissance team finds itself more and more entangled in the intrigues of Quire’s most powerful nation: The Crown of Glass. In the northern swamplands* Gig Kephart confronts a deadly foe, Even Gardner finds himself in an unexpected alliance. Elsewhere,...

Oct 6, 2017

As if driven by the spirit of the late divine Curiosity, the Myriad crew sour Sculpture City (and it’s surrounding environment) for answers. Echo Reverie and Even Gardner try to unravel the political intrigues that put the Doyenne (and her most honorable servant, Saint Glass) in the crosshairs. And while Gig Kephart...

Sep 29, 2017

With their belongings stored in the Old Gold Graduate Club & Privacy, the Myriad crew pursue one of their mission’s core goals: securing the spread of the Fleet’s mesh throughout the planetary civilizations. After getting the rundown on the Crown of Glass from three of its most ardent defenders, Even Gardner begins...

Sep 22, 2017

After joining each other for dinner, the crew of the reconnaissance ship Myriad tend to business before setting west towards a sprawling city.* Grand Magnificent and Echo Reverie find room for creative collaboration, while Even Gardner takes a journey of self discovery. And Gig Kep-Hart has a horse, and an eye for...